Road & Bridge Department


PO Box 277, 1775 North Highway 149, Lake City, CO

Ph. 970-944-2400 Fax. 970-944-2405

The road and bridge department maintains 248 miles of roads. The Department also maintains 100 plus miles of snowmobile trails, together with the Lake City Continental Divide Snowmobile Club, from December 1- April 1 of each year. Ten bridges are maintained by the Road and Bridge Department. Maintenance of all roads in Hindsdale County for the safety of all residents and visitors is our highest priority.

Road and Bridge Supervisor:  Don Menzies

Your Road &, Bridge Crew:

  • Johnnie Bebout
  • Breck Thompson
  • Jeff Lanktree
  • Bert Schaefer
  • Leon Rogers
  • Nathan Fox
  • Nick Jimerfield

South End

  • Jene Snow
  • Warren Decker
  • Bobby Kleckner

Colorado Road Conditions and Travel Information



Summer Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 8am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

Winter Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 8am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

Attendant Dawn Kortmeyer - 970-944-0529

For a downloadable Transfer Station rate list, click  HERE

The Hinsdale County Road and Bridge Department maintains a drop off point for trash and some recycling for Hinsdale County. Road and Bridge does all the hauling and maintenance for the Hinsdale County Transfer Station. In addition to household garbage, the transfer station accepts waste building materials, old appliances, recycled cardboard, recycled glass, recycled aluminum, cooking oil and used engine oil to be recycled. Most of the Transfer Station loads are hauled to Gunnison for recycle or the Gunnison County Landfill for disposal. The Transfer Station also accepts electronics at $0.75 a pound.

Starting January 1, 2019, Hinsdale County increased rates to dispose of trash. This increase was necessary to keep up with increased costs of transporting and disposing trash at the landfill in Gunnison. The last increase was in 2015. Rates on compactible and non-compactible items have been increased, including bagged trash, truck loads and trash trucks. Some rates have also been increased on other items accepted at the transfer station. Payment for trash dumped at the transfer station can be done on-site by check or credit card. NO CASH IS ACCEPTED AT THE TRANSFER STATION. Charge accounts can be opened with a $100 deposit by calling the Hinsdale County Administration office at 970-944-2225. Accounts are billed monthly and MUST be kept current.

Effective January 1, 2021 there will be a NSF charge for any returned checks.