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Hinsdale County Deputy Sheriff

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Deputy Sheriffs are responsible for patrol duties in the county including traffic enforcement, accident investigation and proactive patrol. The Sheriff’s Office also works closely with the Colorado State Patrol, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and the Colorado Division of Wildlife to provide patrols and assistance. Deputy Sheriffs also perform court security functions, criminal investigations and search and rescue missions within the various public lands in Hinsdale County.



• Colorado POST certified peace officer  

• Minimum two years commitment  

• Self starter / Problem solver 

• Willing to learn and be a team player  

• Previous law enforcement experience desired 

Hinsdale County is a remote mountain county in southwest Colorado. Much of the county is National Forest and wilderness areas. The year round population is small with a large amount of second home owners and tourist that come to the county during the summer months. The Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office works to provide professional and courteous service for our local residents and visitors. The Hinsdale Sheriff’s Office believes that training and proper equipment is a high priority and works hard to provide in house and outside training for deputies.


Pay range: $25/hour with 16-20 per week.

Hinsdale County is an equal opportunity employer.