Marketing Committee

An Ad Hoc Committee of the Hinsdale County Lodging Tax Board

For more information, contact County Administrator Sandy Hines at 970-944-2225 or email.

In January 2011 the Hinsdale County Lodging Tax Board created an ad-hoc Marketing Committee known as the Lake City/Hinsdale County Marketing Committee. This committee operates under the guidance, supervision and by-laws of the Hinsdale County Lodging Tax Board. The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to plan and implement a comprehensive tourism marketing strategy both short and long range for Lake City and Hinsdale County. The committee strives to be transparent and open in its decisions and planning. The committee is responsible for hiring consultants and/or media specialists as needed. A bidding process is required for contracts in excess of $5,000. All contracts will be reviewed by the Lodging Tax Board.

The Marketing Committee consists of five members: A Chair from the Lodging Tax Board, a representative from the Lake City/Hinsdale County Chamber of Commerce, the Lake City Town Trustees, the Hinsdale County Board of County Commissioners and a Citizen-at-Large. The term of appointment will be two years. The Marketing Committee shall recommend qualified candidates with final approval by the Hinsdale County Lodging Tax Board. The Citizen-at-Large term will be one year.

Lake City/Hinsdale County Marketing Committee Members

Doug Hamel - Chair, Member at Large

Kristie Borchers - Hinsdale County

Jacqui Wonnacott - Lodging Tax Board

Jud Hollingsworth - Town of Lake City

Sandy Murphy - Chamber of Commerce

Sandy Hines - Secretary

The committee will hold meetings as often as necessary to implement their plan. A quorum of three members is required for a meeting. All meetings shall be open to the public with proper notification of the meeting time and place. The committee shall report their actions to the Hinsdale County Lodging Tax Board on a quarterly basis. The representatives of each entity may report to their respective boards as needed.

The Marketing Committee shall create a working budget with expenditures handled by Hinsdale County. Pursuant to 30-11-107.5 the Marketing Committee will provide a yearly accounting of expenditures.

Cooperation by all five members of the Marketing Committee is essential to the success of this effort. Therefore, each member of the committee will strive to cooperate and work with other members of the committee.

The Lake City/Hinsdale County Marketing Committee will hold one workshop and one regular Meeting per month. Additional meetings will be held as needed. Regular Meetings will take place on the second Wednesday of each month. Most meetings are in Coursey Annex, 311 N. Henson Street, Lake City, CO