Hinsdale County Coroner

Hinsdale County Coroner Lori L. Lawrence

P.O. Box 277
Lake City, CO 81235
970-944-2630 Fax


The Coroners Office is a statutory office, which is mandated to establish the cause and manner of death. The investigation of a death by the Coroners Office is an extremely important function as it is done by an independent agency who does not work for the law enforcement agency, the physician, the nursing home, the hospital, the prosecution or the defense, but works on behalf of the deceased to obtain the truth about their death.

Associated with the responsibility of determining the cause and manner of death, the Coroner has numerous other responsibilities, including pronouncement of death and determining what time the death occurred, scene investigation, take custody of the body, positive identification of the deceased, identification and notification of next of kin, and reporting.