Emergency Medical Services

Hinsdale County Emergency Medical Services

311 North Henson St.

Box 277

Lake City, CO 81235

Ph. 970-944-2806 Fax 970-944-2630

Buffy Witt image

Buffy Witt

Hinsdale County EMS Director

Hinsdale County EMS is a volunteer-based organization that provides emergency medical care to citizens of Lake City Hinsdale County as well as visitors to the area in case of a medical emergency. In order to provide quality emergency care in the remote Lake City area, Hinsdale County's team of Volunteer EMT's have an abundance of life-saving skills.

Katherine Heidt EMS Coordinator

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Donations can be sent to:

PO Box 277

Lake City, CO  81235



 Our incredible volunteer team: 

Gina Carr - Physician

Buffy Witt - Paramedic

Bob Downs - Paramedic/PA

John Bonner - Driver

Michelle Murphy - AEMT

Hunter Leer - AEMT

Rachel Moore - EMT-IV

Amanda Hartman - AEMT

Sara Barker - EMT-IV/RN

Leslie Nichols EMT-IV

Teslin MacLaren - EMT

Dan Humphreys - AEMT

Melody Crump - EMT- IV

Katherine Heidt - EMT

Richard Williams - EMT

Brad Jones - Paramedic

Jerry Johnson - Driver

Keith Chambers - Driver

Kelly Elkins - Driver

Tom Arnold - Driver

RE Hall - Driver

Lydia McNeese - Driver

Lorie Stewart - Driver