County Road 30 Repair Project


Hinsdale County Board of County Commissioners discussed options for repair of the paved portion of County Road 30 during the board’s September 4th meeting. Road and Bridge Supervisor JoAllen Blowers submitted the following information about road repair options during the meeting.  Blowers discussed the repair options and costs with Commissioners Susan Thompson and Kristie Borchers.

As a short-term solution, Hinsdale County will immediately make temporary repairs to the road (Option 3). This option includes filling and patching the potholes with cold and hot mix, which will start the week of September 9th.  This approach has been used annually for the last several years. 

The board and Blowers will continue to discuss long-term options for the road, which will include evaluating costs as well as equipment and man power needs for a permanent solution.

Providing optimum road surface conditions on County Road 30 for safe travel of residents and visitors is the primary concern of Hinsdale County. Evaluation of financially viable, long-term solutions will continue throughout the winter. The board will pursue potential funding sources to minimize costs to the county. 


County Road Repair options submitted by Supervisor Blowers:

  • Option 1: Recycle in Place - Asphalt replacement like Hwy 149 on Slumgullion Pass. The existing asphalt will be milled, processed, and laid back out as new driving surface. With appropriate maintenance, the estimated lifespan of this option is ten years.  Cost: $1.6 Million


  • Option 2: Road Surface Overlay – A NEW 3” mat of asphalt would be placed over the top of the existing road surface.  With appropriate maintenance, the estimated lifespan of this option is 20 years.  Cost $2.1 Million
    • This option cannot be done without extensive repair to the sub-grade of the road. The current driving surface and sub-grade are in too poor of condition to do an overlay without repairs being made. There is too much moisture below the surface of the pavement because of the amount of potholes and cracks that have developed over the years, and too much cold patch material used on the driving surface. The cost of the sub-grade repair would be additional to the $2.1million.


  • Option 3: Patch – Continue to patch and band-aid the road as has been done in the past. More “cold patch” material would be used in the smaller potholes, while “hotmix” material purchased from the asphalt plant in Gunnison would be used to fill the large potholes. Approximately 90 tons of hot mix and 30 tons of cold patch would be required. This method of patching would last approximately one year and is NOT a permanent fix. Cost would be approximately $15,754 for materials, plus Road and Bridge Labor and equipment.


  • Option 4: Remove Pavement, Gravel Road Surface - The existing road surface and sub-grade surface would be “milled” together, laid back down and compacted. Four inches of new ¾” road base would be laid over the compacted surface to create a new gravel road. Magnesium Chloride could be used on the new road surface to hold it together and control the dust. Hinsdale County Road and Bridge has the equipment to maintain gravel roads, making it cheaper and easier to maintain than asphalt.

              Options for gravel may include hauling or crushing.  The dust control costs would be incurred annually, with the first year application assisting with set-up of the gravel road.  Questions about the impacts of magnesium-chloride along waterways will be further researched. Cost: $138,720 without dust control for materials, plus Road and Bridge labor and equipment. Cost of dust control and application: $20,381 (annually)

  • Option 5: Chip and Seal – Cost for chip and seal of the road surface has yet to bedetermined. The sub-grade layer of the road would still have to be rebuilt for chip and seal.

Hinsdale County spends approximately $4,000 - $8,000 per year patching County Road 30. Road conditions have gotten worse every year and will continue to do so without a permanent solution. The amount of effort and cost to repair this road will go up every year until there is a more permanent solution and robust maintenance plan. The September 4 meeting was a preliminary discussion. No permanent decision will be made until all options and possible funding sources are explored.

For more information, please contact Road and Bridge Supervisor JoAllen Blowers at, or contact Hinsdale County Administrator Sandy Hines at or 970-944-2225.