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Seasonal ALS EMS Provider Job Description

Position Purpose:

The seasonal ALS EMS provider supplements the EMS department’s existing paid and volunteer staff during the busy summer tourism season.


The following is a general list of major duties and responsibilities for this position and is not meant to be all-inclusive. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned and shall be consistent with the overall goals and objectives of Hinsdale County EMS.

- Providing direct patient care on scene and in transit in both emergency and interfacility transfer settings. Calls for service may occur in a wide variety of settings including austere contexts such as remote wilderness areas with limited communication and in inclement weather.

- Working as a team member and independently, depending on crew composition, providing medical care with Colorado state scope of practice law and currently enforced department medical protocols, under the supervision of a physician medical director.

- Completion of patient care reports in the department’s electronic health records system per department policy, including time requirements for submission.

- Inspecting, stocking, re-stocking, fueling and performing routine daily maintenance tasks on ambulances and support vehicle.

- Mapping and safely driving to and from calls for service, transport destinations and other training and meetings.

- Mentoring and operational supervision of less experienced and probationary employees/volunteers/trainees/students within department protocols.

- As explicitly delegated, serve as an acting officer within department protocols and command structure.

- Timely and accurate submission of timesheets and other shift logs.

- Other tasks reasonably related to the knowledge, experience, scope of practice and skills of an ALS provider as determined by the director.

Essential Knowledge, Ability and Skill:

- Work as a collaborative team member, resolving conflicts with coworkers, patients and stakeholders in a constructive and polite manner.

- Exhibit sound independent decision-making, often in stressful and austere situations.

- The ability to lift and maneuver 150 pounds with assistance and without difficulty

- The ability to walk up and down stairs without difficulty and the ability to lift and carry 150 pounds up and down two flights of stairs with assistance and without difficulty.

- The ability to sit or stand for long periods of time.

- The ability to walk a distance of one quarter of a mile without difficulty and without affecting the immediate performance of job-related duties.

- Read, write and speak fluent English.


• Colorado State certified Paramedic or Intermediate (or able to attain via reciprocity before start date.)

• Current ACLS, PALS, BLS CPR certifications, or able to attain prior to start date.

• ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 or able to obtain before start date.

• Minimum of 1 year of satisfactory performance as an emergency medical provider in a scene-response context, or equivalent skills and knowledge subject to director evaluation.

• Candidates subject to extension and maintenance of department medical director’s endorsement for independent practice.

• High school diploma, GED or international equivalent.

• 18 years of age or older

• Colorado state unrestricted driver’s license, or valid driver’s license recognized as valid in Colorado and able to obtain Colorado driver’s license within 60 days of start date.

• High level of personal integrity, good judgment and common sense.

Work Schedule & Particulars of Employment:

This is a part time, seasonal, non-exempt, at will position serving at the pleasure of the EMS Director and subject to all applicable Hinsdale County, Colorado state and federal employment law.

Part-time employees are restricted to 30 hours per Sunday-Saturday work week.

The specific period of employment is subject to negotiation per county needs and candidate availability but is expected to cover a minimum of 90 days between May 1 and September 30.

This position carries a required “on-call” component. The department defines on-call period as:

- Presence within 10 minutes routine response from the department’s headquarters.

- Sober and well-rested (6 hour minimum “bottle-to-throttle” time before on-call hours.)

- Monitoring department radios for calls for service.

- Accessibility via phone for routine contact from command staff.

On- call shifts are compensated at $5/hour.

Calls for service are compensated from the time initiated by dispatch or the request of command staff through back in service time recorded by dispatch, rounded to the next 15 minutes, plus one hour to allow for completion of required documentation.

Active-duty time is paid at $20 - $24 per hour, depending on experience.

Applications can be downloaded from and can be returned by email at or mailed to Hinsdale County EMS PO Box 277 Lake City, CO 81235

Hinsdale County is an Equal Opportunity Employer



Hinsdale County Deputy Sheriff

Employment Status:



Deputy Sheriffs are responsible for patrol duties in the county including traffic enforcement, accident investigation and proactive patrol. The Sheriff’s Office also works closely with the Colorado State Patrol, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and the Colorado Division of Wildlife to provide patrols and assistance. Deputy Sheriffs also perform court security functions, criminal investigations and search and rescue missions within the various public lands in Hinsdale County.



• Colorado POST certified peace officer  

• Minimum two years commitment  

• Self starter / Problem solver 

• Willing to learn and be a team player  

• Previous law enforcement experience desired 

Hinsdale County is a remote mountain county in southwest Colorado. Much of the county is National Forest and wilderness areas. The year round population is small with a large amount of second home owners and tourist that come to the county during the summer months. The Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office works to provide professional and courteous service for our local residents and visitors. The Hinsdale Sheriff’s Office believes that training and proper equipment is a high priority and works hard to provide in house and outside training for deputies.


Pay range: $25/hour with 16-20 per week.

Hinsdale County is an equal opportunity employer.